Options passed to the OAuth2Client object during instantiation. Describes URLs of the authorization service and optional behavior for when user responds to the authorization prompt


  • IOAuth2ClientOptions


accessTokenUri: string

URI to request an access token from

alias: string

Alias for the client. This is used to identify the client's resources. It is used to avoid overwriting other clients' settings or endpoints when there are multiple.

authUri: string

URI to redirect user for them to authorize access by the application

authorizationCallback?: ((token, user, read, modify, http, persis) => Promise<{
    responseContent?: string;

Type declaration

    • (token, user, read, modify, http, persis): Promise<{
          responseContent?: string;
    • A function that will be executed when the auth service redirects the user back to our endpoint.


      Returns Promise<{
          responseContent?: string;

defaultScopes?: string[]

Default scopes to be used when requesting access

refreshTokenUri: string

URI to request a refreshed access token for user

revokeTokenUri: string

URI to revoke an access token for the user

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