• IOAuth2Client


  • Returns the authorization URL to which the user must be redirected to in order to authorize access by the application


    • user: IUser

      User to authenticate

    • Optional scopes: string[]

      Scopes that your app needs access to

    Returns Promise<URL>

  • Revokes user's access token in the service provider


    • user: IUser

      The user whose token will be revoked

    • persis: IPersistence

      Persistence object dependency

    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • This method will set all necessary configuration for the client

    Please note that you will need to provide the i18n strings for the settings created. For instance, if you're connecting to Github APIs and your alias = 'github', you will need to provide the following translations:

    "github-oauth-client-id": "Client ID to connect to Github",
    "github-oauth-clientsecret": "Client secret to connect to Github"


    Returns Promise<void>

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