Represents an external component that is being provided.


  • IExternalComponent


appId: string

Provides the appId of the app which the external component belongs to.

description: string

Provides the description of the external component.

icon: string

Provides the icon's url or base64 string.

Provides the location which external component needs to register, see the ExternalComponentLocation descriptions for the more information.

name: string

Provides the name of the external component. This key must be unique.

Provides options for the external component.

Represents the current state of the external component. The value is null until the ExternalComponentOpened event is triggered. It doesn't make sense to get its value in PreExternalComponentOpenedPrevent, PreExternalComponentOpenedModify and PreExternalComponentOpenedExtend handlers.

url: string

Provides the url that external component will load.

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