Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members


Private Api's contain a random value in the url format, making them harder go guess by default. The random value will be generated whenever the App is installed on a server. This means that the URL will not be the same on any server, but will remain the same throughout the lifecycle of an App including updates. As a result, if a user uninstalls the App and reinstalls the App, then the random value will change. Url format: https://{your-server-address}/api/apps/private/{your-app-id}/{random-hash}/{path}


A public Api has a fixed format for a url. Using it enables an easy to remember structure, however, it also means the url is intelligently guessed. As a result, we recommend having some sort of security setup if you must have a public api.Whether you use the provided security, ApiSecurity, or implement your own. Url format: https://{your-server-address}/api/apps/public/{your-app-id}/{path}

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