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Optional createdAt

createdAt: Date

Date in which this setting was created.

Optional hidden

hidden: boolean

Whether this setting should be hidden from the user/administrator's eyes (can't be hidden and required).

Optional i18nAlert

i18nAlert: string

An optional alert messages which is shown to the user on this setting.

Optional i18nDescription

i18nDescription: string

Description of the setting in the form of a i18n string.


i18nLabel: string

Name of the setting in the form of a i18n string.

Optional i18nPlaceholder

i18nPlaceholder: string

An optional placeholder which will be shown in the form input field, should be an i18n string.


id: string

The id of this setting.

Optional multiline

multiline: boolean

Whether the string type is several lines or just one line.


packageValue: any

What is the default value (allows a reset button).


public: boolean

Whether this setting is a public setting or not - administrators can see ones which are not public but users can't.


required: boolean

Whether this setting is required or not.

Optional section

section: string

The name of the section where to put this setting under.


Type of setting this is.

Optional updatedAt

updatedAt: Date

The last time the setting was updated at.

Optional value

value: any

Will be the value of this setting. If nothing is set here, then the "packageValue" will be used.

Optional values

The selectable values when the setting's type is "select" or "multiSelect".

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