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Interface which represents an attachment which can be added to a message.


  • IMessageAttachment



Optional actionButtonsAlignment

actionButtonsAlignment: MessageActionButtonsAlignment

States how the action buttons are aligned.

Optional actions

actions: IMessageAction[]

Allows displaying action items, such as buttons, on the attachment.

Optional audioUrl

audioUrl: string

Audio file to play, only supports what html's

Optional author

Author portion of the attachment.

Optional collapsed

collapsed: boolean

Causes the image, audio, and video sections to be hidding when this is true.

Optional color

color: string

The color you want the order on the left side to be, supports any valid background-css value.

Optional description

description: string

Allows users to describe what the attachment is.

Optional fields

The field property of the attachments allows for "tables" or "columns" to be displayed on messages.

Optional imageUrl

imageUrl: string

The image to display, will be "big" and easy to see.

Optional text

text: string

The text to display for this attachment.

Optional thumbnailUrl

thumbnailUrl: string

An image that displays to the left of the text, looks better when this is relatively small.

Optional timestamp

timestamp: Date

Displays the time next to the text portion.

Optional timestampLink

timestampLink: string

Only applicable if the timestamp is provided, as it makes the time clickable to this link.

Optional title

Title portion of the attachment.

Optional type

type: string

The type of attachment this is, although hardly used and only used for files.

Optional videoUrl

videoUrl: string

Video file to play, only supports what html's

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